Metric Description of The ONE Simulator

This description is a copied version from Sean Golash's Website, I added some additional explanation for this version. You can get this report file from reports directory in ONE Simulator directory, (/reports/scenarioname_MessageStatsReport.txt).
Initial available metrics in ONE and explanations of report output

sim_timeSimulation time
CreatedNumber of messages created during simulation Does not include replicated messages.

  1. Number of transmissions started between network nodes, messages started are: Started = relayed + aborted

  2. Started refers to the transmissions that took place (independently of being successful or not) and it includes the number of messages that were successfully forwarded (relayed) and the ones that delivery failed (aborted).

  3. Started doesn’t include the delivered messages as it relates to the forwarding attempts.

  4. “messageTransferStarted(Message m, DTNHost from, DTNHost to)”


  1. Number of successful transmissions between nodes

  2. “messageTransferred(Message m, DTNHost from, DTNHost to, boolean finalTarget)”


  1. Number of aborted transmissions between nodes disconnection occurs during the transmission.

  2. Informs the host that a message transfer was aborted.

  3. Aborted is when sending message process from one node to another node failed before it finished.


  1. Number of messages dropped from nodes buffers drop will deletes a message from host drop True if the message is deleted because of "dropping"  * (e.g. buffer is full) or false if it was deleted for some other reason * (e.g. the message got delivered to final destination)

  2. A message is dropped when the buffer is full and a new message arrives

RemovedMessage was deleted from buffer nodes for some other reason * (e.g. the message got delivered to final destination).
DeliveredNumber of successfully delivered messages in final target.
delivery_probMessage delivery probability : deliveryProb = (1.0 * delivered) / Created.
response_probresponseProb = (1.0* ResponseDelivered) / responseReqCreated.

  1. An assessment of bandwidth efficiency.Interpreted as the number of created copies per delivered message. That is, the amount of replicas necessary to perform a successful delivery.

  2. It can be interpreted as the number of replicas if the protocol concerned is a epidemic-like protocol, i.e., creates a message replica for each message transmission.

latency_avgLatencyaverage message delay from creation to delivery

"nlatency_avg: " + getAverage(this.latencies)
latency_medmedian of average message delay"nlatency_med: " + getMedian(this.latencies).
hopcount_avgAverage number of hops between source and destination nodes.
hopcount_medmedian of hopcount.
buffertime_avgAverage time that messages stayed in the buffer at each node.
buffertime_medmedian of buffertime.
rtt_avgRound Trip Time Average – Average time from creation to confirmation of delivery.
rtt_medmedian of rtt*please note that none of the scenarios tested have reported rtt at all.