External Message Controlling in ONE Simulator


Use the Script from /toolkit/createCreates.pl that comes with ONE Simulator, then do something in terminal like:
./createCreates.pl -time 0:14400 -nrof 1600 -hosts 0:19 -sizes 1000:100000 > load_1600msgs.txt

-time: initial and final time to create messages
-nrof: number of messages to be created
-hosts: hosts identifiers. In this example the total number of node is 36 so ids are between 0:35
-sizes. message sizes (1kB to 100kB)
> operator to write the script output in the file named load_1600msgs.txt

Then from default_settings.txt  file, you will call it this way:

## Message creation parameters
# How many event generators
Events.nrof = 1
Events1.class = ExternalEventsQueue
Events1.filePath = load_traces.txt